BioAllers: Homeopathy / Herbals Review

March 21, 2013

Facts and lack of facts on the internet are of importance to me. Sarah investigates homeopathy, as per one product, as a personal quest bedecked with rumors and hippies and salesmen

Conquering my allergies is of importance to me because if I don’t win, all else is fog (but not hives or failed breathing, so that’s nice). Allergies, we are lucky to relieve, but not likely to cure, and science is showing all sorts of preventatives and ways to  have a good old fashioned Strong Constitution. But I took this buying of product personally, BioAllers.

I am 26 yrs, lifetime of light asthma and allergies, chronic fatigue, Allegra / fexofenadrine mostly works for me more than other allergy medications. But I’m petsitting a bird, cat, and dog. Also, I went to art school, and haven’t done scientific research since forever and this is an important exercise. A little heavy on the Wikipedia. And also, this is for you.

1. Homeopathy developed as its own medicinal quackery of intuitive medicine, (dude was sincere enough,  go read the Wiki page,) that evidences itself primarily in extreme and useless dilutions of molecules that in the end are usually not present in the product.

2. Homeopathy is by definition not the same as herbal or alternative medicine but due to those who can be marketed to in such ways, they mix easily, and also in the time period all medicating was being developed, they mixed.

3. As of, “Botanical Laboratories, Inc., which distributed Natra-Bio products, was ordered to stop claiming that BioAllers was a homeopathic remedy for reliving symptoms of allergy due to pollen, animal hair, dander, mold, yeast, and dust. The products were promoted as homeopathic even though some ingredients were not in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia.”

4. According to the potency scale, on,

6X 3C 10−6
8X 4C 10−8 allowable concentration of arsenic in U.S. drinking water[11]
12X 6C 10−12
24X 12C 10−24 Has a 60% probability of containing one molecule of original material if one mole of the original substance was used.
26X 13C 10−26 If pure water was used as the diluent, no molecules of the original solution remain in the water.

5. The Ingredients of BioAllers, explained by me with target amateur research

“Adrenalinum 6x – decongestant”   — a derivative of epinephrine, true stimulant. 6x = 3c , OKAY SO FAR

“Allium cepa 6x” –onion. hmm. okay. PASS

“Arsenicum Iodatum 6x” I give up. Nothing with credibility caught my eye except the history of this attempt at relief of allergy-like-symptoms IDK

“Euphrasia Officinalis 6x” — flower! historic uses as anti-inflammatory, no studies on humans available IDK

“Sabadilla 6x” — it’s a mexican and central american plant! Mostly folklore. According to Wiki, “Veratridine is a steroid-derived alkaloid from plants in the Liliaceae family that functions as a neurotoxin by activating sodium ion channels.[1] It is primarily obtained from the herb Veratrum and sabadilla seeds.” But I don’t vote they underwent the necessary process for that which could still be chemically idiotic to involve. IDK

“Silicia 6x” — way old school HPUS “The Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States” IDK BUT PROBABLY NOT

“Histaminum Hydrochlorium 12x”, “Sufficient available evidence is lacking” IDK

“Cat, Dog, Hamster, Mold, Pollen etc etc 12x” — some version of immunotherapy? . According to potency chart, stands a slim chance of being present in the product. MAYBE

6. There’s a lot more research I could look into without a degree in medicine, to then get a degree in medicine,  and to then tear apart everything we put in our bodies, but: Homeopathy, in this case, is using a major functional pathway, EPINEPHRINE,  which has its function for opening airways, and may contain a mole or so of the allergen one could thus become desensitized to. Taken under the tongue. It does not stand for the entire functionality of homeopathy.

There is still the common homeopathic “6x” indicating it’s a dilution and not a common administration in mg or something, and touting their derivative of a common therapy that is hard to track down in research.

These ingredients are common in Aller-sine, etc, which may be more herbal-based.

 I shall eat lots of great living produce now, exercise, watch my inflammation, and stay exposed to microbes.  I will consider a similar route as this product if I need to.

Update 2015: Decided that fixing my gut, eating better, and occasionally taking mainstream allergy meds are all better than putting adrenal stuff from homeopathic lines under my tongue .

Update 2020: This review has been cleaned up of exaggerated language and kept within scope.

Published by Sarah Ze LaBarge

5 thoughts on “BioAllers: Homeopathy / Herbals Review

  1. Sarah, Bio Allers is a combination of homeopathic remedies but it has little to do with homeopathy.Homeopathy takes into account your symptoms, your life and you get one remedy not the 7 it has. The companies produce these combinations because the average person hasn’t the education to chose one correct remedy nor do they often have access to a homeopath.In oder to improve you allergies, you need the correct remedy in the correct potency. Check out the National Center for Homeopathy for a homeopath near you. Take care. Sue Boyle RN, HMC (Homeopathic Master Clinician)

    1. Without a doubt the best crap I’ve ever taken. I had the worst allergies to tree pollen. BioAllers works I am symptom free now.

  2. Every season my allergies have gotten worst. I get bad sinus and vertigo during spring and have taken every allergy medicine but it only minimize some relief. I was told to use bioallers by my doctors office assistant. She swore that since using this product she has had no allergy symptoms. I decided to try it out and I am glad I did. My vertigo has gone away. My dizziness and fogginess has disappeared. Bioallers is a lifesaver.

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