11 Zesty Liberating Mind-Body Exercises to Journey Into

Art @ Instagram.com/sibilstudios courtesy of author/artist As seen on Medium.com here As you may know, religions and practices cover all sorts of developmental and releasing practices. Traditional descriptions of meditation include things like Focused Attention, Open Monitoring, Automatic Self-Transcending. However, here are some secular therapy-themed mental exercises (which are not presented here as medical advice from medicalContinue reading “11 Zesty Liberating Mind-Body Exercises to Journey Into”

BioAllers: Homeopathy / Herbals Review

March 21, 2013 Facts and lack of facts on the internet are of importance to me. Sarah investigates homeopathy, as per one product, as a personal quest bedecked with rumors and hippies and salesmen Conquering my allergies is of importance to me because if I don’t win, all else is fog (but not hives orContinue reading “BioAllers: Homeopathy / Herbals Review”