The Crush : Framing

by Sarah Ze LaBarge He eyed the wood from the hardware store, running the intended blueprint through his head, optimizing some steps for the mounted art board I had designed for quick production. “So you want to make medium-quality art boards to make some cash, huh. OK let’s get crackin’.” He pulls a long pieceContinue reading “The Crush : Framing”

Remarks on Mark Halliday’s Tasker Street

Mark Halliday is a poet who fits the concepts of “ultra-talk,” which is well-covered in David Graham’s “THE ULTRA-TALK POEM & MARK HALLIDAY.” Apparently Halliday had coined the term himself while reviewing another poet. In the first poem of Halliday’s book Tasker Street, “The Truth,” there is a list with items such as “a proof about a circle aroundContinue reading “Remarks on Mark Halliday’s Tasker Street”


JOLENNA LEWIS Excerpt “Jo’s boldness rose and fell with each step in approaching the shack, which she’d waited all night and part of the morning to investigate. The shack was primitive and haphazard as if built with the remains of several cannibalized others. The night before, candle light had shot through the open door andContinue reading “JOLENNA LEWIS EXCERPT”